Etenal Natural Kids Soap – Moisturizing and De-Tan Soap 150gms Dermatologically Tested


Rich in Lotus Oil, Sandalwood oil, Saffron, Orange oil, Moroccan Argan oil and Camel Milk.

Etenal Natural Kids Soap Helps In,

  • Moisturizes the Skin.
  • Gently De-tan Skin & Helps Protect The Skin From Sun Damage.
  • Skin Brightening And Gives Healthy Glow To Skin.
  • Smooth and Healthy Skin.
  • Gently Cleanses The Skin and Natural Antiseptic 
  • Nourish & Revitalize The Skin.
  • Paraben-free and Sulphate-free.
  • No Added Color, No Synthetic Perfume.
  • 100% Naturally extracted oil used for soap fragrance.
  • NABL & Drug Control Administration Lab Tested And Dermatologically Tested.

Recommended for 4+ years kids.

5 customer reviews

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Etenal Handmade natural kids soap – Moisturizing & De-tan Soap Rich in Lotus Oil, Sandalwood oil, Saffron, Orange oil, Moroccan Argan Oil, Red Sandalwood and Camel Milk.

Natural kids soap with organic ingredients, even the fragrance used is 100% naturally derived high-grade fragrance. It is free from harmful Paraben & SLES (Sodium Sulfate) chemicals, and synthetic fragrance.

Etenal Natural Soap NABL Lab Tested

Etenal Natural Kids Soap has been tested in NABL and Drug Control Administration-accredited lab, it’s compliant with BIS Standards and conforms to COSMOS-standard.

Etenal Natural Soap Dermatologically Tested

Dermatologically tested and safe to use for kids & adults and for all skin types. Hypoallergenic, No harsh chemicals, no sulfate, no paraben. COSMOS-approved preservative used.

Etenal Natural Soap With Natural Ingredients

All ingredients are naturally derived, non-GMO plant-based. All ingredients used in this kids soap are sourced within India which are top grade and high purity.

Etenal Natural Soap With Natural Fragrance

The fragrance of this kid soap is natural high-grade oil derived from flowers’ bioactive compounds that are hypoallergenic, alcohol-free and with no harmful additives.

Skin Nourishing and Moisturizing Ingredients of Etenal Natural Kids Soap

Lotus Flower

Lotus essential oil is an excellent conditioner for the skin. It hydrates and deeply nourishes the skin and reduces the inflammation caused. Lotus oil is known to rejuvenate and revive the dull and lifeless skin deep from within, the plant compounds combined with the various vitamins and minerals, the essential oil is capable of purifying the skin by working on the pores and making your skin more fresh and vibrant.

Chandan Sandalwood

Sandalwood oil has anti-inflammatory and skin-clearing properties, sandalwood essential oil can help clear acne and pimples and soothe skin. Sandalwood oil helps nourish the skin, improve the elasticity of skin cells, and even out skin tone. Sandalwood oil soap has natural antimicrobial and hydrating properties and works as a cleanser for all skin types.

Saffron Crocus Flower

Saffron or Kesar is highly rich in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. These qualities make it the ultimate go-to ingredient that can fight acne-causing germs and can calm down your active zits and get rid of the redness and soreness on them. Saffron can be an excellent natural ingredient for reducing pigmentation, brown spots and other skin blemishes.

Etenal Natural Kids Soap With Orange Oil

Orange essential oil is astringent and antiseptic in nature; it acts as a natural cleanser to deeply purify and detoxify the skin. Enriched with Vitamin C, it also helps to boost collagen in the skin.

Etenal Natural Soap With Camel Milk

Camel milk supports skin elasticity, contains vitamin C, and is rich in skin-loving ingredients like alpha-hydroxy acids that leave your skin soft and smooth, making it a very popular ingredient for hydration, radiance, and soft skin.

Etenal Natural Red Sandalwood Soap

Rakta Chandana or Red Sandalwood is one of the finest ingredients for your skin. It is primarily used for skin care and beauty purposes. It is very effective in treating blemishes, rashes and acne. It also helps in the removal of tan and dullness because of its cooling properties.

Etenal Natural Kids Soap De-tan Skin For Children

Detan Soap

Worried about your kid’s sun tan, no more worries Etenal natural kid’s soap gently De-tan the kid’s soft and delicate skin and improves your kid’s skin complexion and make it healthy.

Red Sandalwood extract, saffron extract, Sandalwood oil, and Organe oil are very effective in removing tan and reducing pigmentation, spots, and uneven skin tone on the skin. Moroccan Argan oil protects their skin from sun damage and Linoleic fatty acid helps to fend off UV rays.

Etenal Natural Soaps and cosmetics paraben free and sulfate free
Weight0.115 kg
Dimensions7.62 × 7.62 × 4 cm


Etenal Natural Kids Soap is rich in essentials oils which are as follows:

  • Sandalwood Oil
  • Lotus Oil
  • Saffron
  • Orange Oil
  • Moroccan Argan Oil
  • Red Sandalwood
  • Shea Butter
  • Camel Milk
  • Coconut Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Sodium Myristate (coco derived)
  • Sorbitol
  • CAPB
  • Aqua
  • Vitamin E
  • ECOCERT & COSMOS approved natural preservative
  • Naturally derived fragrance.


Caution: We recommend a patch test before first use. Natural/nature-derived products can also cause allergic reactions. Avoid direct contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with plenty of water. Discontinue use if redness/inflammation/ irritation occurs.


Ordered products will usually be despatched within 2 days through the best available courier service provider. The shipped product will reach within 7 days.

5 reviews for Etenal Natural Kids Soap – Moisturizing and De-Tan Soap 150gms Dermatologically Tested


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  • Etenal Natural Kids Soap Moisturizing And De Tan Soap 150gms Dermatologically Tested


    Best kids soap for natural skin whitening and healthy skin

    Awesome kids soap, skin is very smooth and gives very natural brightness, result picks up on regular use of this soap as naturally. Skin is healthy and moisturization is great. Lotus fragrance is very good and natural. Highly recommended.

    February 10, 2024
    Verified Review

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  • Avatar

    Viswanadha Naidu Peddireddy

    Amazing Kid's Soap!

    I am giving this review after using this for 1 month for my 7 yr old son. Texture of the soap is creamy like icecream. It is a big bar. It does wonders. Smothens, Brightens, aromA is grt.My son had dark under eye it is gone! 😀must buy n try! U will luv it. I am writing this review after one month bcoz now i am going to search for baby soap in tis brand. Dunno if it is available😆 before finding i wanted to place my review to u all 

    January 10, 2024
    Verified Review

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  • Etenal Natural Kids Soap Moisturizing And De Tan Soap 150gms Dermatologically Tested


    Best natural soap ever used

    Glad we bought this soap, my 12 year old daughter skin is so smooth and moisturization is very good after using this kids soap. Her skin complexion is improving a lot, wow fragrance of this soap is excellent so natural.

    December 6, 2023
    Verified Review

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  • Avatar

    Suganya G

    Fabulous "All In One" Kid Soap

    I have used this kid soap for my 9-year-old daughter, her skin got darkened due to sun tan, and we tried many other skin whitening soaps and creams, nothing worked. Even her skin got worse. This Etenal kid soap did magic to her skin. Her skin tone got brighter and sun tan was completely gone. More than that her skin is so soft and healthy. The fragrance of this soap is excellent, we love it. It’s a big soap so I cut it into 2 pieces n used it, and it lasted longer, worth the money. Must try.

    November 11, 2023
    Verified Review

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  • Etenal Natural Kids Soap Moisturizing And De Tan Soap 150gms Dermatologically Tested


    Excellent soap, very natural Lotus fragrance.

    Its very good moisturizing soap, seeing lots of improvement in my son’s skin tone, he play a lot in sun so his skin got darker, after using this soap his tanned skin got lighter, his skin complexion improved a lot. Awesome fragrance, its real lotus fragrance, love it. Over all its best natural soap for kids, so I decided to continue using it for son for long time.

    June 17, 2023
    Verified Review

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